eZo Festival 2018

eZo Festival 2018

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15 June 2018 18:00 Mtatsminda Hill
eZo Festival greets its 4th season at a brand new venue. With the greener and cozier atmosphere, on the higher top of Mtatsminda Hill.

Dates for the season opening event: June 15-16

Ticket costs:
One day ticket – 30 ₾ (Basket I)
Seasonal pass – 100 ₾ (Basket I)

The number of tickets in the Basket I are limited. As long as it expires, Basket II will be activated, with a different prices:
One day ticket – 40 ₾ (Basket II)
Seasonal pass – 150 ₾ (Basket II) 

As long II basket expires, Basket III will be activated, with a different prices:

One day ticket – 50 ₾ (Basket III)
Two Day's pass – 80 ₾ (Basket III) 

In the Basket III there won't be season tickets. 

eZo stage:
June 15
Phil Weeks
Steve Bug

June 16 
Autumn Tree (Leon)
La Fleur
Chez Damier

Cafe Stage – Mzesumzira with friends

Ako Von Unten
Audio Space
Dj Tomwildculture
Micro Bax
Nika J
Radio Grue
Tobacco Twins

Please, note:

Festival has a +18 & face control rule. 

The ticket of June 15 is valid until June 16, 15:00pm
With the ticket of June 16, you will be able to enter only after 15:00pm

You can buy tickets on this event only upon request

Please log in with Facebook acount to request tickets