The Misfortune of Darispan


In 1 Act

Presenting a century-old story of how a Georgian gentry Darispan wanders with one of his four unmarried daughters Karozhna from doorstep to doorstep, from friends to relatives, from acquaintances to neighbours to somehow secure a decent husband for her to ensure that her future is taken care of.

This story, tragic and comic at the same time, is saturated with enormous love towards the country which “was always shot at but has never died”. This story is a spitten image of the fate of our country which, like Darispan, seeks a way out elswhere: in the help of others, in “marrying off to a worthy candidate”, in the illusion of a happy life, which bounces back and causes even deeper despair.

What is more inportant – freedom or untroubled life?

The actors and the director together with the audience shall attempt to find a way to help Darispan’s family and therefore, the country as well.

Director: Saba Aslamazishvili

Set Design: Mariam Kalatozishvili

Costume Design: Sandro Margvelashvili

Musical Arrangement: Nino Sikharulidze

Choreographer: Dea Abakelia

Musical Consultant: Ivane Khachidze

Technical Director: Tamuna Kamladze


Darispan – Slava Natenadze

Martha – Lili Khuriti

Pelagia – Maia Khornauli

Natalia – Nina Kipshidze

Karozhna – Mashiko Tvalabeishvili

Osiko – Tornike Kakulia

The Performance was staged through financial assistance of the Tbilisi Municipality

Duration of the Performance – 70 minutes withough intermission

First Performance – 12 April 2023

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