Host And Guest

Host And Guest

High up in Caucasian mountains live brave people. Khevsurians and Kists. A Moslem Jokola and Christian Zviadauri met each other while hunting in Caucasian mountains. Jokola was luckier – he has killed a big aurochs. Now he can invite his companion to his place and share his hunted. He doesn’t recognize his brother’s murderer in the stranger, otherwise Zviadauri would not avoid Jokola’s revenge. Jokola is very pleased with his guest showing all his hospitality and warmth.
But Jokola’s neighbors, having recognized Zviadauri, rush into the house and after binding, beat him mercilessly. Jokola is full of indignation, his honor and dignity are insulted. Very highly respected among the mountaineers the low of hospitality has been forgotten. In the fighting Jokola kills the Elder of village, Musa, who was called him traitor. Zviadauri is taken to the Kistin’s cemetery where he is killed by the furious people. Agasa, the wife of Jokola, becomes a witness of Zviadauri’s fearlessness. She worthy mourning dead hero.
Learning of Zviadauri’s death Khevsurians want to take a revenge. Jokola is first to fight, thus trying to wash off his disagree. Khevsurians, taking remains of Zviadauri to his native land, burry him with all honor.
Agasa, abused and driven away from her village, buries her husband and kills herself.

18 Nov/ Saturday 20:00

Host and Guest

Shalikashvili Theatre