TKT.GE offers a full range of services to the organizers of the events:

  • Selling electronic tickets on the webpage TKT.GE:

    TKT.GE Georgia is the most popular site for ticket realization, with 200,000 visitors every month. Web site works on Microsoft’s structure and has a high productivity. Web page is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Thousands of registered customers are able to buy tickets in seconds, because their payment information is saved.

  • Selling physical tickets at the box offices

    Company TKT.GE - runs most requested box offices in Tbilisi and Batumi (Tbilisi Concert Hall, Batumi Boulevard). All of the tickets for the event that are presented on our site, are automatically available at our box offices. Thus the user is not limited, and has the opportunity to purchase tickets online or at the box office

  • Making electronic plan for new halls and coordinating the seats.

  • Branding physical tickets and invitation cards, composing personal design on demand of organizer

  • Organizing temporary box offices and cashiers services.

    If you want to open box office at new location (eg .: Dinamo Arena, Sports Palace), TKT.GE will serve with their own equipment, cash registers, POS terminals and cashiers.

  • Personal Account Manager.

    Upon signing the contract, Account Manager constantly will be in touch with the organizer. Account Manager will help in managing reservations, ticketing and pricing of mapping. Sales statistics, generating invitations. Event Day Planning

  • Administrator panel for the organizer.

    Administrator user and password is given to the organizer. Using this portal  organizer can produce real-time event-related operations: statistics, bookings, analytics.

  • Controllers Services

    On the event day TKT.GE provides receiving the guests and controllers service. In case of, there are tourniquets at the location, sold tickets will be loaded in tourniquet database, in other cases,  will serve controllers using handheld laser scanners.

  • Event Marketing Services

    • The event will be advertised through Facebook (Weekly reach: 250.000 Users)
    • The cross-selling for the fans of similar events
    • Generating Promocodes (discount) and services. On demand of organizers, we generate discount codes, which are sent to customers or  dedicated promoters.
    • Other advertising in the media

  • We can offer preferential prices for radio advertisements, outdoor billboards, street and television screens.

For further information please contact: +995322195577, or send us e-mail at the following address: