24 March 2018 23:00 Spacehall
Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand. We are explorers. Always looking for something. Consider everything alive and animate. Everything is interesting. We make connections. Observe movement. Create personal dialogue with an environment. Use all of the senses in our investigations. This is a small step for us and one giant leap for the mankind. 

Cosmologic is a new project by a group of people, who have many year experience in Georgian Electronic Music scene. Most of the team is made up from Mzesumzira’s community members. Also Cosmologic plans to collaborate with leading professionals in the industry. 
Cosmologic’s events will focus on live performance, quality of sound, lightning and art installations. 

🚀 Line Up: 
► JD J (Zeinkali, Vodkast Recrods)

Red Axes - Two Friends, machines, psychedelia, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, sound and motion. 
Re-defining the sound of a city, gluing together influences, opening new spectrums and introducing the world to a new wave of slow burning down beats and electric garage.

A Deep organic build up which started in 2010, in the basements of Amsterdam and the streets of Tel Aviv.
Originated in a post-punk band called "Red Cotton" that metamorphosed later into Red Axes.
There are many ways of seeing things, Performing Live as a duo or with different guests on stage, or their infamous Dj sets, a trip that will take you very far and as exotic as possible.

Face/Age Control (18+)

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