25 November 2017 19:00 Shalikashvili Theatre
Virgin Mary is sitting at the feet of the unjustifiable crucified Christ, due to the verdict of yhe dull crowd and upon the confirmation of Roman conquerors, and recalls the worldly life of personified Lord.   Birth... the cruelest verdict of king Herod – all infants, younger than two years old, to be killed. The mother saved son from an ordeal, by a miracle.   Then Christ came back ‘home’ – to the great temple of Jerusalem and drove out the Pharisees, thefts. depraved people and those avid for gold.   The Christ taught the mankind to forgive the unintentional sins, when he saved sinful Mary Magdalene from dilapidation. He shielded her and said: ‘let the sinless, be the first to throw stone. ` ...but a traitor never sleeps. Judah betrayed Lord for thirty silver coins, and judge Pilate ‘avoided the responsibility’ letting the crowd make verdict over the confessor – ‘to crucify!’   The Christ had taken sins of mankind himself and was crucified.     After a while, Jews see the God committed miracle – resurrected Christ ascending to heaven.