Sounds of Georgia

Sounds of Georgia is a unique format created for tourists – mini-concerts in the authentic atmosphere, which is a mix of traditional Georgian music, featuring different genres: folklore, acapella, guitar, as well as new Georgian pop and city songs.

Sounds of Georgia concerts take place 4 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 5:00 pm at various venues, each of which has its own zest and surprise for all guests.

Tbilisi Yard
The cozy atmosphere of the traditional Tbilisi yard. Everything is real here - the inhabitants, their lives and our songs. Keep in mind to have a delicious surprise at the end of mini-concert.
Address: Turgenev St., 4, deep yard

Veranda with Panoramic View
Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view on Old Tbilisi, where you will get unforgettable photos. And legendary song "Tbilisi" is performed here in a way that captures the spirit.
Address: Europe Square, Wine Rise, Dutu Megreli St., 2, Hotel “Nata”

Museum of Folk and Musical Instruments
Concerts will be held among the collections of musical instruments from Georgian and South Caucasian peoples, as well as European mechanical and classical musical instruments. It is also an important repository for manuscripts of Georgian folk music and audio and video recordings. You'll get an unforgettable experience!
Address: Tbilisi, Samghebro street 6

Wine Cellar
Come to the wine cellar to enjoy live guitar and piano melodies with the accompaniment of selected Georgian wine.
Address: new address coming soon

Mini-concert duration: 40-45 minutes
Starts at 5:00 pm
Ticket price: 26 ₾ ( lari)
Additional information about concerts:

Insta: @soundsofgeorgia

There are a photo and video shooting during the mini-concert, as well as live streaming. If you have any objections, please inform the organizers before the mini-concert begins.

We constantly looking for a new location! Check the address of the concert before it starts!

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